Deer Processing

deer with iceWe are unable to accept new deer customers this year. If you have had a deer processed in the last 2 years or have beef, hog, lamb, goat processed or are a regular retail customer we will take your deer.

Hind legs should have pelvic bone split and legs open to cool.

Ice placed on legs and in chest cavity if hot.

Hanging the deer with the hind legs together does NOT cool out the legs.

No skinned or caped deer accepted for donation.

We do not take quartered deer.

We do take boned out meat. Clean in fist size chunks not in garage bags. Use ice bags or clear zip lock bags.  No blood, bone, dirt, hair.

We have four price ranges for basic deer processing in 2022.

$95.00 Fawn

$140.00 Medium

$160.00 Large

$205.00 Extra Large

$40.00 to save the cape from deer

Basic processing includes,

Steaks from rear legs

Boneless Chops from loin along backbone

Roast from rear leg and front shoulder

Ground in 2lb packages with or without beef suet(fat)


Breakfast Sausage (Mild or Hot) $2.50 on Finished Product  5 lbs of deer and 5 lbs of sausage makes 10 lbs deer sausage in 2lb package Cost $25.00

In 5 lb increments only. In 2 lb bulk packages only.

$25.00 discount off your basic processing if you have your WHOLE deer made into any of the following products.

All of these items cost extra. You must pay your basic processing fee first.

Salami is in approximately 3lb rolls.

New $1.00 per roll of salami cut in half and vacuum packaged available.

Salami with pork               $3.60 lb on Finished Product

10 lbs of deer makes approximately 17 lbs Cost $61.20

Salami w/pork & cheddar Cheese     $3.90 lb on Finished  Product

10 lbs of deer makes approximately 17 lbs Cost $66.3

Salami with beef                 $3.60 lb on Finished Product

10 lbs deer makes approximately 15 lbs. Cost $54.00

Salami with beef, jalapeno & pepper cheese   $4.20 lb on Finished Product

10 lbs deer makes approximately 15 lbs. Cost $63.00

Bratwurst or Italian       $3.00 lb  on Finished Product

10lbs deer makes approximatley 19 lbs.

6-quarter pound links in a package Cost $57.00


Jerky     $5.00 lb. on Raw Deer

10lbs. of Deer makes Approx. 4 lbs of Jerky in 1 lb. bags. Cost $50.00

Snack Stixs Mild or  Jalapeno w/pepper cheese

Snack Stixs Mild w/Cheddar or BBQ   $5.00 on Raw Deer

10 lbs deer makes approximately 8lbs 1 lb in a package. Cost $50.00

All brought in meat must be CLEAN and fist size or small chunks. This means no Hair, dirt or dried meat.

Meat should not be in a garbage bag.

Clear food bags should be used. Use a ice bag or zip lock bags.

We reserve the right to refuse any brought in meat.

Special Hours during 1st season only 8 am. to 7 pm. Friday, saturday, sunday.

2nd season 8 am. to 5pm. Thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

We are open the Friday after Thanksgiving.8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

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